By Mardy Penrose
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“A goal that is casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle.” Zig Ziglar

What do ‘Goal Achievers’ do that is different from people who don’t achieve their goals?

People from all walks of life can be goal achievers. There is a huge difference between people who set out to achieve a goal with a strategy in mind and those who set a goal and hope like crazy that it will come to light.

Goal achievers follow a plan of action and follow it through to the end. They create powerful daily habits and release old negative paradigms. They think differently to people who just drift through life, hoping to make it safely to death. They challenge themselves and take educated guesses, have great discipline and always have their eye on the prize

The achievers also have a committed mind set, they’re serious about creating the life that they desire. They often don’t accept mediocrity in their lives and they are aware of and deal with obstacles that always pop up to interfere with their success. They prepare themselves and start by writing their goal down and give themselves a soft deadline to achieve it which creates an urgency in their minds.

Who are these people?

They are the Richard Bransons of the world; they are the local mechanics wanting a better life; they are young adults, retirees, couples who dream of something bigger and then take action.

Everyone can be a wonderful goal achiever but you do need to obey some certain rules along the way.

The first step is to dream it and define it specifically, see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Next is to believe it. Know that all goals once conceived as an idea and seen in the minds eye are achievable. Create your plan or pathway to this goal and take the necessary action. You can’t help but achieve it!

What do the people who don’t achieve much in this life do? Not much!

Which one do you want to be?



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