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2018 is just around the corner. Another year over a new one to begin, how exciting!

So this is a great time of reflection. What have we achieved and what have we left behind?

What goals did you identify, commit to and action?

Happy with your results?  Not so happy?  Regrets?

2017 is a great time to release all of the forgotten dreams, the bad habits and bad behaviours that keep us stuck. Let’s all commit right now to letting go of all the negative patterns that we have fallen into. Right now! Make a list of all that you are very happy to leave behind and then either burn them or throw them away. Thank them for teaching you and send them on their way. It’s such a cathartic and satisfying experience.

Congratulations to all of the achievers out there who put in the time, the action steps and belief in yourselves. To those who may have fallen by the wayside. Don’t despair!

We get another opportunity right now to design 2018.

Time to get very serious now. Here are the must do’s for achievement.

Identify very, very specifically what you want to achieve this coming year.

Write it down as if you have already achieved it and write in the present tense, again be specific eg. I am, I have, I own,

Give it a soft deadline. A soft deadline is a date in your mind that you would like to achieve this goal by.

Commit to action. Map out the steps that you believe you need to take to achieve each goal

Belief. Now back yourself, believe that you are worthy of this goal, no matter how big or audacious you deem it to be. If you can see it your mind you can hold it in your hand. Own it!

Here is an example of how to typically write your goal down correctly and with enthusiasm

“I am so happy and grateful, that by June 2018 I am committed to experiencing my beautiful holidays in the South of France with the perfect for me partner.“


“I am so happy and grateful that by August 2018 I am at my desired healthy weight and fitness level and I am feeling amazing.”

We can all take 2018 to a new level in our lives by just addressing these 4 steps. There are many obstacles that will arise but that’s called life. Move on with it, hold that dream and don’t let it go.

It’s a choice really, you can stay back in 2017 or you can glide into 2018 knowing where you are going and what you are doing. Oh! What a feeling when we have goals and dreams and Damn! What a feeling when we don’t.

If I can be of any assistance with identifying and achieving your goals for next year please feel free to call me on 0406528787.

Cheers to an exciting 2018

Mardy x

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