These wonderful human beings all have a special place in my life and have helped me, in some way, in my quest to live a balanced, fulfilled life. From meditation, to goal setting, time management and health and fitness tips and inspired imagery to pull it all together, we will be offering tools and sharing valuable guidance to help you keep your mind, body and soul working in harmony.

Carolyn JayneCarol

Carolyn is a Reiki Master who specialises in emotional healing and wellbeing.  She has a host of credentials in the metaphysical field and will be drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience to provide guidance and tips on meditation, natural remedies and holistic techniques that free us from the emotional blockages that hold us back.  Carolyn takes us on some beautiful journeys though meditation, and discusses the benefits and meaning of being present and living life fully.


Bachelor & Masters of Metaphysical Science (the study of mysticism and philosophy of body, mind and spirit)
Advanced Mace Energy Method practitioner (emotional healing that gently removes the blocks to happiness and abundance)
Advanced diploma in Australian Bush flower Essences (nature’s little wonders that resolve a vast range of negative emotions)
Reiki Master (a hands on energy healing technique)

Mardy Penrose

George Washington said “a goal set properly is a goal half achieved”. A Certified Trainer and Coach Mardy is very thorough and passionate about coaching people to design their lives rather than just letting life happen to them. For over 20 years she has been coaching people to set and achieve their goals.. It doesn’t matter if your goals include becoming the top sales person in your company, a super-star athlete, a better parent, increase confidence, buy your dream home or make millions of dollars, Mardy can help you to develop a clear, personal plan of action that can guide you to transform your life into exactly what you want it to be. You can expect some insightful guest posts that will make you think about your dreams, re-appraise your approach to achieving them and provide valuable advice to help you identify and live your passion.

Diploma Training /Assessment Systems
Diploma Frontline Management
Cert 4 Workplace Training/Assessment
 Life Coach
Author of many Training Programs in the Corporate Training Field

Angela DerksAngela

An active, healthy Mum of two, Angela brings 20-plus years of professional experience in the health and wellness arena. She has a background in senior executive spa and wellness roles with a focus on optimizing the potential of both businesses and the human talent within.

Angela began her journey in wellness with Six Senses Resorts and Spas in the unique position of ‘Holistic Conscience’ across the company’s global locations. She spearheads the exclusive Diploma of Spa and Wellness Management Program at Aurora Spa at Palazzo Versace and has worked with Award-winning spa and wellness company Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.

“Everyone deserves to be the best that they can be” is Angela’s philosophy and de-mystifying the wellness world for today’s working mum and the professional woman is what Angela brings to the Joyful Juggler family.

Angela holds degrees in Naturopathy and Commerce, along with Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Beauty Therapy and various Wellness Therapies

coastallogo1 (2)Coastal Soul Imaging

Vibrant visuals that reflect the aesthetics of nature and accentuate the beauty of life – that’s what you can expect from the creative team at Coastal Soul Imaging. The commercial film and photography service, which is located on Queensland’s Gold Coast, is headed up by an artistic, soulful photographer who will be sharing his stunning images with You will enjoy inspired imagery across the site and throughout some special guided meditations.