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I can’t express the amazing feeling I get when I personally set a goal with powerful intention. It’s empowering to have clear direction and passion – it inspires me to take the daily action steps required to ultimately manifest my dreams.  I find this to be an awesome way to live.

Setting a goal is fruitless without powerful intent. So what does this mean?

Goal: Your dream, your wish, your desire
Intention: Your passion and the impetus that drives you

Think of your goal as the pot of gold at the end of rainbow, and your intention as the drive that propels you to get to the gold.

So here we are, it’s December 2015, another year almost complete and it’s time to ask the burning question:

“Did I achieve everything I set my intentions on achieving this year?”

If not WHY not? Did you lose direction or commitment or was it because your goal was lacking intent to start with?

Commitment to yourself and your goals is a biggie. Ask yourself these questions: What is my goal? Why do I want it? When do I want it? How badly do I want it? Am I clear and specific on this? or is it just an airy fairy New Year’s Resolution that doesn’t really arrive because they are just words? Ok. Here are your choices:

  1. You can get real with what you want and commit to it and give it the action, desire and focus period necessary for your goals to manifest
  2. You can go aimlessly through 2016 and achieve nothing and be right back here in December 2016 where you might be right now

Not much of a choice I know. So decision time is here, it’s easy. Make the call! Fire up. There’s a new year on the horizon, let’s make the most of it.

Here is an example for you that might help you commit to your dreams and goals with powerful intention. Try this exercise with me:

Identify what your goal is:   Let’s say it is Ideal Health for 2016 and beyond

Here is how you set your powerful intention with a positive affirmation for this area of your life:

“I am so happy and thankful that I am now living my life in radiant health, I have loads of energy and fitness to explore my life more powerfully, and I am totally committed to enjoy my new found vitality and fabulous new self-image”

Let’s dissect this.

I am so happy and grateful (present tense and gratitude) that I am now (soft deadline) living my life in radiant health (goal clearly identified) I have loads of energy and fitness (clarity) to explore life more powerfully (desire) and I am totally committed to my new found vitality and fabulous new self-image (commitment)


Goals list checked twice


Now what?

It’s time to harness your intention and use it to drive you to achieve your goals that you set for yourself in 2016. If your intention is strong enough – if you want your goal badly enough – you will find the energy required to stay motived enough to get it.

There is no better time than right now to give yourself a CALL TO ACTION. Decide what you want to achieve for the year ahead, think about the reasons why and what you are going to do today to help you get there. If you are struggling with it get an expert to guide you, grab a buddy and team up and do it together, get a Vision Board and cover it in pictures that inspire you.

If you are ready to live your life by choice not chance then stop procrastinating and do it right now. Dream big don’t play small…there’s no time left for drifters!

 For local Gold Coasters living in Queensland, Australia – there is two days left before our final Goal setting workshop of the year on 17 December in Surfers Paradise. Limited spaces available so if you are ready to take your life into your hands and start 2016 off with a bang, give me a call to secure your spot – 0406 528 787.

 Personal, one on one Skype sessions are also available anywhere else in the world. To set up a session contact:

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