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I recently put a call out to my Instagram followers to share with me a book that has either changed their life or contributed to it in a positive way.

It was interesting to see a number of books and authors appear multiple times, including my personal life changer.

While I have read a lot of books, a number of which I could proclaim to be life changing in their own ways, I simply cannot go past The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. My Mum put me onto this book many years ago as she believed it was a great place to start my journey of self-discovery. Thanks to this book I realise the importance of being present.

There were so many incredible suggestions from people from all around the globe in response to my Instagram post that I decided to do a wrap up of the books. Many of these I have either read or have been intending to read for some time, while others I had never heard of and have since added to my own reading list. I figure if these books have had a profound and positive enough impact on the lives of others that they went out their way to share them with me, then it seems only right to compile the list and share them with you.


Power of Now


The first ten books were mentioned multiple times, from people from seemingly different walks of life and strangely enough they are all books that have resonated with me significantly. I have included a list of the top 30 books suggested as I am very aware that certain author’s styles and messages will resonate with some of you, while others may not – so you’ve got a pretty extensive and powerful reading list to get you through the holiday season, perhaps even enough reading material to get you though the next year 🙂

  1. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  2. The Alchemist – Paul Coelho
  3. Feel The Fear, Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers
  4. Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles – Gabby Bernstein
  5. Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield
  6. Conversations with God – trilogy set – Neale Donald Walsch
  7. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom – Don Miguel Ruiz
  8. You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay
  9. The Law of Attraction – Abraham Hicks
  10. A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson
  11. A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
  12. What’s Really Holding You Back – Valorie Burton
  13. The Power of Intention – Dr Wayne Dyer
  14. The Monk That Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma
  15. Success Through Stillness – Russell Simmons
  16. Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling
  17. The Art of Non-conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want and Change The World – Chris Guillebeau
  18. The 5 love languages – Gary Chapman
  19. When Things Fall Apart – Pema Chodron
  20. The Road Less Traveled – Scott Peck
  21. Spirited – Rebecca Rosen
  22. Tapping the Power Within: A Path to Self-Empowerment for Women – Iyanla VanZant
  23. Reasons to Stay Alive – Matt Haig
  24. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  25. Power of Right Believing – Joseph Prince
  26. Expectation Hangover: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life – Christine Hassler
  27. Rising Strong and Daring Greatly – both by Brene Brown
  28. Changing Habits, Changing Lives – Cindy O’meara
  29. Percolate – let your best self filter through – Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
  30. The Shack – William P. Young
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