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Whether you’ve taken the plunge into some form of meditation practice or not you would have experienced thoughts that preoccupy you at some point.  They’re the recurring and persistent ones that just keep on going round and round in your head making it impossible to focus and stay in the present.  Sometimes they even keep us awake, cause us to make mistakes and possibly create a feeling of pressure in the head area.  We feel the effects as stress in the body.

The healing power of hands is widely accepted.  We instinctively put our hand to our forehead when we feel overwhelmed and it does work.  Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essence founder says:

“Holding the forehead activates the emotional stress points which diffuse stress, brings calm to a person, and also activates the problem solving part of the brain – the forebrain.”

So whenever you feel pressure in the head area, put your palms to your forehead and close your eyes. Breathe easily and deeply until you feel some relief.

Another quick little remedy for when the mind will just not stop wandering also involves a pressure point.

Press your index finger to the small depression between the upper lip and bottom of the nose.  Hold for a few moments with the intention of releasing your thoughts.  This is recommended for calming the mind, enhancing creative visualisation and deepening meditation. Once you’ve had a few practice runs you will find this will work quite quickly for you.


Monkey obsessive thoughts


The appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essence to take when thoughts are plaguing you is Boronia.  Boronia turns off the inner chatter thus enabling you to concentrate more fully and focus on what you want.  It helps close your mental files and is therefore a wonderful tool for assisting creative visualisation and imagery and enhancing the benefits of meditation.

Boronia and the two little exercises above are simple but effective ways of clearing our heads and helping us focus. Tuning into our body and being mindful alert us to when we need to address our over active minds. This is extremely important because we often thwart our good intentions because we simply cannot sustain focus on what we want.  This is often why our affirmations and goals seem to fall on the deaf ears of the universe and fail to manifest.

As Esther Hicks says in Ask and It Is Given “focus activates the Law of Attraction”.

Obsessive thoughts keep us preoccupied with old hurts and projected fears. Living in the past or being frightened by what the future holds is not only unpleasant but stifles our energy and potential, leaving little room for focusing on what we want.

If we can regularly find time to deeply relax and calm the mind, and be alert to, and address unwanted thoughts, our focus will improve.  There will be more room for what we truly want and more energy and intuition to manifest a richer and more abundant life.


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