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In Part 1 we talked about people who are the Goal Achievers of the world and as previously stated they are the rich and famous and they are also the local hairdressers, accountants, and budding entrepreneurs -people from all walks of life.

Let me ask you a question. Are you a goal achiever? Or a dreamer? There is a huge difference. The Goal Achiever has a great belief, daily action plan that they are constantly in touch with, after the initial commitment to achieve that goal. Whereas the dreamer is the person who probably has a wonderful imagination but just continues to wish hope and even pray.

Working with people who can commit to themselves and their goal is such a treat for a Goal Strategist such as myself. Let’s take for example a client of mine who is totally dedicated to pursuing her dreams. She’s actively working the plan that together we devised. She has total belief in herself and has really had to trust and believe in herself to often forge through obstacles that will absolutely pop up. That’s life. She rarely takes her eye off the prize and if I see that she is falling away slightly we regroup and pick it back up.

This young lady has had huge goals, which she has managed to tick off her list but still has plenty in the wings. These goals are not set on a whim. They are thought out defined very clearly, given a soft timeline and actioned to fruition.

On the other hand I have another young lady same age great goals, talks a lot about how badly she wants these goals but commits for a week and then lets them fall away. Why is this? Some people just can’t or won’t commit. They don’t get that a goal is just like planting a garden. First the seedling needs to be planted in good soil and then it needs the daily watering, the weeding, a gestation period and presto the buds begin to appear. Or in the case of the goal – first the idea, which is planted in good soil (belief and commitment), followed by the daily action plan and weeding of the obstacles, waiting out the gestation period for it to grow and presto.. Goal Achieved.

So let me introduce to one of my very successful Goal Achievers, the young lady that I spoke about in this story who is so totally committed to her goals and lifestyle. It’s our own blog owner and entrepreneur Holly Small. I would ask Holly to tell you what drives her and makes her so passionate about achieving her life goals in a follow up to this 2 part story. You see, you too can achieve anything you want in this lifetime if you first believe!

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