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“Rock bottom became the solid foundation from which I rebuilt my life.”  JK ROWLING

Everyone has a story to tell, some are great stories and some are stories of sadness and adversity. Are you ready to own your story? Move past your adversity? Or maybe you’re sitting comfortably with a great story but not moving forward to an even greater story.

What are you planning or designing for your coming year? OR maybe you just plan to drift through another year, without a purpose or goal. Fire up! It’s time now to sit down and think about how you would like to live your story for 2017. What is it you want to do, be or have?


Get your pens and paper out and just begin to write a short and specific story on how you would like to see your life for next year. I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions that start on Jan 1 and end on Jan 6. I’m talking real solid goals that require Commitment, Focus, Dedication, Action and more!

If 2016 was a year you would happily leave in the past, that’s fine leave it and move on but don’t waste any more time and focus on what you don’t want. Focus on what you can do differently to create an amazing year for 2017.

If 2016 was a really good year, that’s wonderful. Be grateful and then move on making 2017 an even better year.

Life is not a spectator sport it ‘s actually about participation in your own story.

Use this next week to build a solid platform to create the most amazing 2017.

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