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Well I have been a bit quiet on the blog and on social media over the past few weeks. Instead of whipping myself up about it, I decided to write about it. We can be our own worst critics and I for one am very good and chastising myself for not being on top of everything all the time. But when we have a lot on our plates, when we are juggling multiple commitments, it’s natural that certain things will get neglected at times, when more pressing commitments come up.

I had a huge exam a couple of weeks ago that I had been building myself up for, for over a year. This exam was for my Basi Pilates instructor training, a certification that I am incredibly proud of. I have been teaching Pilates for years, with numerous accreditations under my belt, including personal training, but I wanted to become the best instructor I could be and Basi was the method that I chose to get me there.

In the weeks leading up to the exam I was cramming like crazy. I knew my stuff but I put a lot of pressure on myself as I wanted to nail it. And I passed so it was well and truly worth it – so YAY for me 🙂

When you have been building yourself up to something that is important to you for a long time and you finally achieve it, it can be a bit of an anti-climax. I was on such a high following the exam. I celebrated with a glass, ok a bottle, ok a little more than a bottle, of expensive red wine that I pulled from the depths of the wine fridge – I felt I deserved it.  The next morning I struggled to get motivated and I thought, hangover aside, this is probably because I’ve had so much on my mind, I need to give myself a break and my brain a rest, so I took it easy. The next day I felt a little agitated which I put down to the lingering energy of the full moon. I am a real moon child. The feelings in the week and half or so that have followed have been a little strange.

I have so much work to catch up on. All the things that I put aside to get through my study didn’t disappear and now they are more pressing. So why do I feel like I can’t get out of my own way.

I realised last night that I am kind of in limbo. I have just ticked off a goal that I am super excited about. Now, I’m in this zone where I am wondering – what’s next? I have so many other things going on in my life. I have heaps of exciting projects, a number of which are in their early stages or just need some extra time and energy to really pick up and soar, and they are all flying around in my head with little to no structure.

So, it’s time to re-focus. That’s one goal down, now I need to get some structure around the new goals that need to be set. It’s goal planning time.

It’s moments like this that I like to call on my Goal Strategist Mardy, to help me get clarity around my next steps. She helps me to turn all the whimsical ideas into reality by putting them on paper, setting soft deadlines, making plans with intention and she keeps me accountable.

I guess I felt the need to share this experience because I believe many of you, at some point in your life, have probably felt this way. When we invest a lot of ourselves into something, we can feel a little lost when it comes to an end, even when it’s in a good way. The important thing is to acknowledge that it’s ok to give yourself a bit of down time to recoup after ticking off a big goal, but don’t let that drag on for too long. Get yourself back on track, set some new goals (they don’t all have to be huge) and go after them with purpose. So that’s what I am about to do. Wish me luck!!!!


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