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I’m using this week’s post as a bit of an opportunity to vent. It’s about something that I am struggling to get my head around.

Everywhere I turn, there’s a new guru in the area of self-development. Now I am all for people putting themselves out there, offering their wisdom and / or experience to help people improve their lives. Let’s be honest, that’s what this website is all about. My issue is with the term guru. By sheer definition, these people are claiming to have it all together. They know it all.

When it comes to self-development or growth, we are talking about a lifelong journey. There is always room to grow and become more enlightened, particularly if we are talking from a spiritual perspective. So I am going to assume that every life coach and spiritual advisor that claims to be a guru has elevated their state of consciousness to the level of an ascended master or at least a Tibetan monk who dedicates hours to mediation and finds peace in solitude. These people are of course, completely devoid of judgement – because they know that each time they sit in judgement they are in actual fact judging themselves.  All they feel is love for everything, because they have become that evolved.

I would love to think this was the case, but if they had really reached this level then they would not need to call themselves a guru.

When I started this, the last thing I ever wanted to do was preach. I never wanted to come across as a person that has it all and knows it all, because that simply isn’t the case. I am, like many of you, a hardworking, motivated, fun loving girl on a journey of self-discovery.

I have a lot of projects on the go, am constantly busy and always needing to remind myself to take time out for me. I am confident enough to acknowledge the things that I am great at and humble enough to take ownership of the areas of my life that need improvement. I have had the benefit of a wonderful childhood with parents who loved me and gave me every opportunity available to them. They encouraged me to strive to be the best version of myself. I am aware that not everyone has had the same opportunities or encouragement in life, but there is nothing stopping any of you from being the best that you can be.

I also had the benefit of growing up with a well-educated mother with an inquisitive mind who imparted so much valuable knowledge, wisdom and the inquiring mind onto me. I have had the benefit of working with an incredible goals strategist who has had such an amazing way of taking my whimsical ideals and helping me turn them into tangible goals and ultimately reality. I have grown up with the beauty and wisdom of a naturopath, business woman and hard working mother of two who has inspired me along the way.

All three of these inspiring women mentioned above contribute to The Joyful Juggler on a regular basis.  The Joyful Juggler website exists so that I can share the tools and encouragement from these people who have helped me along the way with all of you. It’s also a way to keep myself honest as it forces me to address the areas on my life that need improvement.

I hope that those of you who read the blog regularly are getting something from it, whether you resonate with the goals, mindfulness and meditation, natural health and beauty tips or recipes.

And remember one of the most beautiful things about life and the people in it is authenticity. I highly suspect anyone that claims to be a guru is not authentic. I don’t recall the Dalai Lama or any bona fide Indian swamis ever referring to themselves as gurus. They have earnt the term through experience and it is their devotees that refer to them in this way.

Be you. Be real. Keep searching and use your own intuition. Follow the guidance of those that inspire you, and adopt their advice, so long as it continues to resonate with you. Above all be true to yourself just endeavour to keep evolving.


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