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As the mercury soars our need to up our fluid intake obviously increases.  Pure water, free from chemicals and pesticides, is the healthiest means of hydrating our bodies.  Unfortunately most of us do not get enough of, or realise how miraculous pure water really is.  And we should. Why? Because, according to Dr. Masaru Emoto in his revolutionary book The Hidden Messages in Water, “from a physical perspective, humans are water”.

Dr. Emoto tells us that at birth we consist of 90% water, as adults we are 70% and those that pass away due to very old age approximately 50%.  When we compare a beautiful, pink, plump, healthy little baby with a dear frail elderly person we begin to realise the importance water plays in health and wellbeing.  Hydration is the key; however Dr. Emoto has found that the purer the water is that we ingest the healthier we become.  He believes, as homeopaths do, that water has the ability to copy and memorise information.

Homeopathy works on the premise that if a poison is diluted in water to the point where it can no longer be physically detected it becomes therapeutic because all that is left is the vibrational information copied to the water. This imprinted information then cancels out the symptoms from the poison.  Confusing I know, but homeopathy works for me and many people and animals that I know.  The point here is that water can copy and memorise information and this is where it gets really interesting.

Everything is constantly vibrating and being extremely sensitive to vibrations, water “therefore essentially and efficiently mirrors the outside world”, as we shall soon see.  Water not only imprints with the vibrations of the outside world but can change these vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye.  Dr. Emoto’s fascinating work proves this.  Dr. Emoto photographs frozen water taken from different locations and subjected to different stimuli such as sound, written words and human emotions.  The results are amazing to say the least.

Water taken from places of healing such as Lourdes which has been infused with prayer and water subjected to beautiful classical music for example formed beautiful, balanced and intricate shaped crystals. This water has proved to be extremely healing. On the other hand, water subjected to negativity, disharmony and disruptive emotions and thoughts produced deformed shapes or no crystal structures at all. This water has no health benefits at all.  His photos prove that the nature of the outside world determines the structure of the water within it.  Interestingly the most perfect crystal Emoto has photographed is one within a bottle of water that was wrapped with a piece of paper with the typed words LOVE AND GRATITUDE. This more than suggests that love and gratitude are synonymous with health and wellbeing. Negative words such as hate, even fool or words that indicated harm to humans on the other hand failed to form crystals and are therefore the antithesis of health and wellbeing.  Positively imprinting water with pure intent purifies and energises water.

Our tap water as you can see in the photo does not form beautiful crystals so at the very least we need to purify it with filtering.  Infuse it with prayer, pure intent or love, or wrap the glass with a message such as Love and Gratitude.  As Doreen Virtue says don’t limit this powerful treatment to water alone.  Treat all your potions, oils and creams this way.  The more you work with energising your water the more you will understand and appreciate its properties.  We all consist of over 50% water and are therefore influenced by our environment, thoughts and emotions.  We can positively change the nature of the water in our glass and the water in our bodies with beautiful words and thoughts.

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