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Well this past week has been an absolute whirlwind. I started out with the best intentions with a strategic plan in place to nail every task I set for myself. Somehow I got through it all but I feel completely wrung out. The one thing I neglected to allocate time for was ME. Time to be still, centred and simply ‘be’.

This resulted in me feeling cranky and a little resentful, not towards anybody in particular, just generally which is certainly not conducive to my happiness or to the happiness of those around me.

Most of us are living very busy lives juggling work and family commitments, with fitness and health goals that we are striving to achieve and hectic social calendars, particularly in the months leading up to Christmas.

I regularly talk about the importance of time management. Time well managed is fundamental in the quest to live a balanced life. Allocating time each week to prepare healthy meals to nourish your body is highly beneficial, as is scheduling your exercise regime. Dedicating time to your family and friends is hugely important, as is committing time to look after the mundane tasks that we all need to attend to like housework.

I was chatting to a friend recently about all of the exciting projects that I personally have on the go at the moment. When I talk about my projects and passions, like The Joyful Juggler, teaching Pilates, and my wine club Young Wine Lovers, I get excited and enthusiastic because I genuinely love what I am doing with my life. This friend said to me “it amazes me how you manage to fit everything in, how do you ever get any time to yourself?”

I responded with “time management, if I didn’t allocate ‘Me Time’ I would burn out”, and this week I have done exactly that. I have been so productive at the expense of my own well-being.

The busier our lives, the more important it becomes to set time aside for ourselves. If we are achieving everything on our task lists each week but we are not taking the time to re-energise and get in touch with ourselves, then this whole principle of being ‘balanced’ is going to be completely out of whack.

This week I want you all to allocate time to just be. Find the one activity or place where you can feel completely blissed out. For me, it is an Epsom salt bath (which is brilliant for your overworked sore muscles), with a candle and some chilled out music. Sometimes I like to add a glass of wine or a book, or both into the mix. After half an hour, I feel completely rejuvenated.

Some evenings simply standing outside and soaking up the moonlight is just what I need to re-energise. I am a Cancerian and have always benefited from the moon’s energy. Whatever or wherever you feel completely at peace, I want you to go there this week.

The bottom line is this – whilst you may have a great sense of satisfaction from successfully juggling and achieving balance in all the areas of your life that are important to you (career, fitness, health, family, friendships etc), you will never feel complete unless you continue to fulfil your obligation to yourself.


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