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The purpose of this beautiful meditation is to draw the negativity from our body that causes stress and to balance the body’s energy using a quartz crystal.

Crystals are believed to absorb negative energy and therefore must be cleaned regularly.  Some suggest cleansing in sea water, leaving overnight in moonlight or during the day in the sun, soaking in a few drops of pennyroyal and water or blowing on them whilst rubbing your thumb sharply down the side. I use a mixture of these cleansing techniques just to be sure.

The quartz crystal has always been my preferred healing crystal.  After all they are used in computers to gather, hold and transmit information.  If you have a particular leaning to another variety of crystal then by all means use it.

During the meditation we will place the crystal on each of the body’s energy vortexes (chakras) the intention being that the crystal will absorb the negativity from each of these vortexes whilst balancing it at the same time.

If you are unsure of the position of the chakras take a few minutes to familiarize yourself. These spinning wheels are basically located along the spine.

  1. The base chakra is red and situated at the base of the torso.
  2. Orange and situated between base of spine and navel
  3. Yellow and situated between navel and heart (solar plexus)
  4. Green and situated at the heart (mid chest)
  5. Blue and situated at the base of the neck
  6. Indigo situated between eyebrows (third eye)
  7. Violet situated on top of the head. I believe this one takes care of itself and so I do not interfere with it.

Firstly it is important to set the intention by holding the crystal in both hands and whilst gazing at it mentally state that the crystal will drain negativity from your body and will cleanse and balance each chakra.  It is useful to thank the crystal in advance as this helps instil the idea of success.  I find it is easier to lie in a prone position for this meditation.

Close your eyes and take three or four yogic breaths.  Mentally tell yourself to let go and relax.  If emotions arise, flow with them and let them run their course (this can be quite healing).

Place the crystal on the base chakra.  Absorb yourself in the process as you visualise and feel the crystal draining the stress from your body.  Visualise and feel the energy of your red chakra being balanced.  Leave the crystal in this position as long as you feel the need and then move it to the second chakra.

The time you take on each chakra may vary.  Your body and or your intuition will tell you when to move on.

Continue in this fashion through orange, yellow, green, and blue until you reach the 6th chakra (indigo) at the brow.  This is where we store our mental energy and so deserves a thorough dose of balancing and clearing.

Before opening your eyes mentally check through each chakra from one to six.  Visualise them brightly glowing and spinning at uniform speed.  Return to any chakra that does not appear cleansed and balanced and repeat the procedure for this chakra.  Take a deep breath, stretch and open your eyes.

I have used and taught this meditation for many years and found it to be very therapeutic.  A condensed version of chakra healing can be found in that wonderful little book The Best Meditations on the Planet.


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