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What’s the big buzz about meditation at the moment?  So many young successful entrepreneurs are endorsing the benefits and attributing much of their success to their meditation practice claiming meditation has brought about positive change in their lives.

Juggling life’s priorities comes with stress attached to it and stress limits us in many ways. The objective of meditation is to quieten the chattering, busy, ever thinking mind and disengage from our daily cares. This is done by intensely focusing on something other than the ramblings of our conscious thinking mind. We can use an intention, a mantra, our breath, affirmation etc.  One Yogi I heard of used a lotus flower.

For those of you new to meditation and those that have tried but given up, five minutes daily will do for starters.  Slowly add a few extra minutes a day until you get to fifteen minutes or more.  If you are still comfortable after the allotted time, continue until you begin to get restless.

In order to get into a meditative state one needs to be relaxed.  Ironically the very people who benefit the most from meditation (the stressed and the high achiever type) find it the most difficult as Holly will tell you.  The high achiever’s mind is constantly darting, assessing and planning the multi tasks ahead. Highly stressed people are much the same but for different reasons and rarely anchored in the moment. Meditation upon waking is ideal for these types of people.

For those of you who find it difficult to relax here are a few tips that may help.

BREATH:  Breathing correctly and deeply is the most natural way of ridding the body of stress.  I still use the Hatha Yoga breath that I learned many years ago.  I liken the intake of breath to the filling of a jug.  First fill the abdomen, (the bottom of the jug) feel it rise as you count in for about 6 counts or until you have filled the jug to the top (the top of your lungs).  You can vary the count if you wish but make sure you have fully filled the jug. Now exhale emptying the jug from the top of your lungs through to the bottom of the jug (your abdomen) for the same number of counts.  Do this about 4 times.  Stretch and relax.

CANDLE:   If the going gets tough light a candle and put it at eye height about 20 cms away from your face and stare at the flame.  Imagine it is drawing all negativity from you. If you like this form of meditation stick with it for a while.


MEDITATIVE MUSIC:  Playing classical music, nature sounds, chants (available free on the net) and music for meditation are a great way to enhance your relaxation.

CALMING ESSENTIAL OILS:  Available at most health food stores. Can be applied to a tissue and placed on or near you.  I use rose or lavender.

Choose your focus of attention, breath, affirmation etc. and close your eyes.  If sitting, make sure your back is straight and your feet are flat on the floor or lie on your back with your body in a straight line.  Make sure you are comfortable.
Do your deep breathing and relax.  Thoughts will come, acknowledge them but don’t analyse them or get agitated.  This is normal.  See your thoughts as clouds in the sky and let them float by. Return your attention to the point of focus you have chosen and continue until you get restless or your allotted time is up.
Keep persevering, it gets easier I promise.
Next post we’ll look at ways to increase your focus in your daily life.  This will make you more efficient and relaxed.  GOOD LUCK


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