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Are you looking for your breakthrough to Success?

Look no further than the reasons, or perhaps excuses we choose to use for not taking the desired action needed for a breakthrough.

“I’m so time poor, there are so many demands on my time.”

“There’s something holding me back from my passion, my achievements.”

You are correct on both counts. What’s holding you back?

You are holding yourself back!

The reasons you think you have, are not reasons at all, they’re EXCUSES! It’s true, believe me I have used every single reason or excuse that anyone can ever think of. That was until I realised that I actually had no-one to blame but me. A harsh reality but a reality just the same.

To find your happiness and success and your exciting breakthrough, we need to stop telling ourselves lies and giving ourselves excuses

Here’s where to start: It’s called Time Management

Check to see what you are doing with your day, use your diary and account for every hour of the day for 7 days. Be honest with yourself and you’ll soon see where your time is utilised or wasted.

For the next 7 days put in a concerted effort and write down what daily action you need to take to achieve your heart’s desire. Then in your diary, block out specific daily times that you can commit to. Put dedicated attention and focus on what you are doing to action your dream.

Think of it as your own personal business. It’s worth it. Ask any goal achiever or successful person that you know, how they got to where they are. My guess is they will all tell you COMMITMENT! Commit to yourself right now. Fire up, get unstuck, leave that comfort zone. What are you waiting for? Get your diary out right now. It’s all up to you!

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