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It’s a new year and with that comes resolutions, diets, detoxes, fresh starts and a whole lot of talk.

We all start out with great intentions at the beginning of a new year. Whether our energy is directed towards improving our heath or fitness, stepping up the corporate ladder, buying a house or dedicating more time to our self development, we all set goals for ourselves at this time of year but how many of us can honestly say we commit to them and finish the year off with a sense of achievement?

Goal strategist Mardy Penrose wrote about goal setting a few weeks ago, and posed the question ‘if not now, when?’ For many of you, this is the first week back to work, and it’s a perfect time to write your story for the year ahead. If 2016 was a year you would happily leave in the past, that’s fine leave it and move on but don’t waste any more time and focus on what you don’t want. Focus on what you can do differently to create an amazing year for 2017.

If 2016 was a really good year, that’s wonderful. Be grateful and then move on making 2017 an even better year.

I decided to sit back and re-visit my blog posts for 2016 before setting my new year’s resolutions. When I read over some of the posts written by my beautiful contributors I thought ‘wow there is some serious gold here – some serious gold that I personally need to be more committed to implementing this year’.

These wonderful human beings all have a special place in my life and have helped me, in some way, in my quest to live a balanced, fulfilled life. From meditation, to goal setting, time management and health and wellness tips, they are sharing the incredibly insightful guidance that I have found so valuable.

Most of the advice and tips provided in these posts are things I either incorporate into my daily routine already, or things that I know I need to pay more attention to, but when I re-read a number of these posts (including some of my own) I realised that some areas of my life have been completely out of balance.

2016 was an enormous year of change for me. It was an exciting year but at times was extremely stressful and daunting. I set out on a whole new path, moving on from a full time job to explore other passions, grow a family business and learn how to tackle the world of entrepreneurship. I became more dedicated to allocating ME time as that was one area, regardless of how often I spruiked it, that I neglected in the past. Time to be still, centred and simply ‘be’.

So while many of my 2017 resolutions are about business and professional growth, I am also choosing to focus on who I want to be and allowing myself time to get back in touch with what really makes me happy. I am dedicating time each week to meditate and ‘ground’ myself, to ensure that my balanced life stays truly balanced, not just on the surface.

So, what can you expect in 2017…

Carolyn– my Mumma – is a Reiki Master who specialises in emotional healing and wellbeing.  She has a host of credentials in the metaphysical field and draws on her extensive knowledge and experience to provide guidance and tips on meditation, natural remedies and holistic techniques that free us from the emotional blockages that hold us back.  In her ‘Mystic Musings’ she, as an Astrologer, often shares fascinating astrological forecasts. This year she will be taking us on some more beautiful journeys though meditation, and discussing the benefits and meaning of being present and living life fully.

Certified Trainer and Coach Mardy is very thorough and passionate about coaching people to design their lives rather than just letting life happen to them. For over 20 years she has been coaching people to set and achieve their goals and over the past 12 years she has been helping me to develop a clear, personal plan of action to help me to create my life by choice not chance. You can expect more insightful guest posts from Mardy that will make you think about your dreams, re-appraise your approach to achieving them and provide valuable advice to help you identify and live your passion.

For those of you seeking to become a healthier version of yourself by taking more care of your overall wellbeing, contributor Angela has a beautiful way of de-mystifying the concept of living well. “Everyone deserves to be the best that they can be” is Angela’s philosophy. An active, healthy Mum of two, she brings 20-plus years of professional experience in the health and wellness arena to the Joyful Juggler community. She holds degrees in Naturopathy and Commerce, along with Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Beauty Therapy and various wellness therapies. She will continue to mix it up this year with more clean recipes for healthy treats, DIY natural beauty treatments and much more.

This year we will continue to offer interesting tools and share valuable guidance to help you keep your mind, body and soul working in harmony. If there is anything that you want to see more of, please let us know. Happy resolution setting. Dream big and be true to yourself and 2017 will be one to remember!


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