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I set my goals, I write them down, I’m very specific, I give them a soft deadline. I’m following all the rules why aren’t I achieving them?…I hear you say.

Well there’s more to it. It’s like that plant we sew in the ground, we don’t expect that it will grow in to an amazing flower bed just because you planted it. There is action you must take.

Let’s compare it to the goal!

Plant: needs to be planted in good soil

Goal: needs to be planted good soil…a positive mindset

Plant: needs watering and sunlight

Goal: needs to have focus and attention

Plant: needs weeding occasionally

Goal: needs to be decluttered too, needs space for it to grow

Plant: needs all of the above repetitiously

Goal: needs all of the above repetitiously


pot plants


You are totally aware and have no qualms that given you take action like this to your plant, that it has no choice but to grow and flourish

So what if you put the same effort, faith and expectancy into your goals? Your GOALS will come to fruition just as your plant will, this should really excite you. Start moving! Plant your goals now! What are you waiting for? What are you saving yourself for? No-one is promised tomorrow, we only have the present!

What’s holding you back? …………………………………………………

Really think about this and answer this as honestly as you can.

Here are a few response I hear back in my Goals Studio from clients

“Oh well I am really busy, I’m time poor!  EXCUSE

Guess what? We all are!

“I don’t like change, it scares me” EXCUSE

Change is inevitable, if you don’t embrace change, you don’t get change. Hence you don’t get your GOALS

Some of the culprits:

Limiting self beliefs

Bad habits

Fear of failure/success

Your emotional environment

Resistance to change

Lack of awareness

Poverty consciousness

Not moving beyond psychological road blocks

Your inner programming

Fear is your #1 Doubt (the voices in your head come from old conditioning)

Negative thinking

Lack thinking

Poor Time Management



Till next time, aim high!

For those looking to take the next step contact me to organise a Skype session. It’s time to make an investment in your future.

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