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We have dreams and desires because we want to improve our lives. Goal planning is a fabulous way to bring the focus and purpose needed to bring about the changes necessary to enhance our future. If we want to change our lives for the better then we too must change, so, implementing personal empowerment and self growth strategies as part of our goal planning exercise gives us a better shot at attaining our dreams.

As Mardy, our goal planning strategist, discussed a couple of weeks ago defining our goals is the first step. Doing an honest appraisal of our goals tell us much about ourselves, because our goals reflect what we believe will make us happy.

If our goals are predominately about the transient things we want, how are we going to feel when we attain them?  Will they bring us the happiness that we crave?  It’s probable that the satisfaction will be only fleeting. Our wants will just get bigger and we’ll spend our lives waiting for the next happiness fix. Dr. Sood from the Mayo clinic puts it this way:

“Instead of focusing on what you have and can get,
invest in who you are or who you could be.”

The media is full of tragic stories and the miseries of the rich and famous. All too often we place too much emphasis on material goals at the expense of the goals aimed at personal empowerment.

Now there’s nothing wrong with fame, fortune, success or a new car, transient as they are, but unless we address our own growth there’s little chance we will find happiness and fulfilment, even if we do succeed in reaching our goals.

Mindful Goals are empowering. They are the positive attributes, behaviours and responses that give us a sense of wellbeing and contentment.

If, for example we have experienced anger and frustration because of another’s perceived weakness, the desire to develop more tolerance would be the Mindful Goal. After all, we are all doing the best we can as a result of our life experiences.

If we feel agitated when our opinions are questioned maybe we should include acceptance of other’s views as a Mindful Goal.

If, after an honest appraisal we recognise that we occasionally experience a feeling of inadequacy or a lack of self worth we should definitely include developing self esteem and self worth as Mindful Goals.   Lack of self worth is the precursor to shooting ourselves in the foot before we cross the finish line. If we value ourselves we are more receptive to receiving life’s rewards.

Overcoming our negative reactions and perceptions and developing a kinder more tolerant and accepting attitude are worthy accomplishments.  We get more sustained joy from accomplishment than we do from attaining transient things. We garner self esteem from our accomplishments. The higher the accomplishment the more value we place on ourselves.

Mindful Goals bring a higher meaning to our lives.  The higher our focus and purpose is the greater our rewards will be.

If you haven’t started on your goal planning journey, make sure you have a read of Mardy’s introduction to goal planning to get you started. As you write down your goals, have a think about what we have just discussed here and integrate it. This approach will certainly put you onto the wonderful path to a balanced and fulfilled life.


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