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The older we get the faster time seems to travel and the less time we seem to have to devote to the people and the things that matter most in our lives. It is easy to get wrapped up in our careers or crazy routines – whatever they consist of – and let the important things slide – family, close friends, health and fitness, our diets or our own self development. Time becomes the number one excuse – ‘I don’t have time to exercise’, ‘I’ve been meaning to call but I’ve just been so busy’, ‘I didn’t have time to make lunch so I’ll grab something on the go’.

Rarely do we take the time to stop, breathe and reflect on the areas of our life that are being sacrificed because of this elusive thing called time.

Regardless of whether you are a working mother of one or ten, an executive at a top tier firm, a university student, a florist, a shop assistant or a full time volunteer, we all have the same amount of hours in a day. Before I get slammed by all the incredible mothers out there let me just say that if you are a mother of ten, then I bow down to you and say you probably have cause to whinge about the lack of hours in a day.

Time_WatchSo what is it that makes some of us so time poor while others seemingly float blissfully through their lives fitting in work, gym sessions and family commitments, managing to whip up meals that look like they have come out the Masterchef kitchen, all while maintaining an enviable social life and looking permanently immaculate? How do some people have the time and energy to do all of this? Are they stealing some extra magical hours? Am I missing out on this extra time because they have stolen it?

People often ask me ‘how do you find the time to do what you do’. To me, it all comes down to balance. Let me run you through a typical day in my life. I’m a night owl and really struggle with early mornings – it’s like my bed is a magnetic field that draws me in in the mornings, so waking up and getting started is often the most challenging part of my day. I am working on this. Ok so I get up at about 6.30am, throw some eggs on the boil or whip up a green smoothie, get to work at 8.30, dazzle clients all day long (at least that’s the goal), call my mum for a chat and to fill her in on my day as I race to the Pilates studio, teach a couple of classes to an amazing group of ladies who make me feel alive, fly home to my love who *fingers crossed* has cooked a healthy dinner which I devour – hopefully before 9pm. Shower, stretch, cuddle on the couch for half an hour, before reading a book that helps me to calm the mind and think about the bigger picture. On the evenings I don’t teach Pilates or Booty Barre I dedicate time to growing our wine business Young Wine Lovers and writing life changing, compelling content 😉 for The Joyful Juggler.

I am often asked “how do you fit it all in” and “do you ever get any down time”. I’m not bragging or detailing my daily schedule to make anyone feel bad. I am simply trying to highlight the fact that when you really want something you’ll find the time to do what you need to do to get it. I’m also not claiming it’s easy – maintaining a hectic schedule requires discipline, commitment and routine, which we’ll talk more about next week.

The point is, we all have the same amount of hours, minutes and seconds in each day. How much we achieve is dependent on how we choose to use this time.

TIME_Busy streets
This week, I want you take a moment to think about all the things that you wish you had the time to achieve – all the things that you talk about doing eg. going to the gym, eating healthily, de-cluttering your wardrobe, doing that social media course, meditating, visiting your grandparents.  Write them down. Now think about what is stopping you and what you need to change or implement to help you achieve the things you’ve identified. Maybe you need to get up half an hour earlier, say ‘no’ to a social engagement, get off Facebook or turn off your phone and/or the television for an hour and allocate that time to meaningful tasks. Your current situation is a reflection of the choices you have made in the past. How you choose to use your time today will colour your future!

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