By Carolyn Jayne
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Saturday morning (11 February) there is a full moon eclipse in Leo that may prove challenging to some people.  The good news is that after every eclipse there is a new moon and a new moon provides a perfect platform to begin afresh.   In order to bring in the new, however, we have to let go of the old.

We can all feel heightened emotions at a full moon in varying degrees and this is the period in the lunar cycle when we are encouraged to let go of all that no longer serves us.  When the lunar eclipse falls on a full moon the lunar energies are more powerful and can give us the courage to let go of old hurts, resentment, relationships and situations that hold us back.  If we continue to harbour and cling to the known negative aspects of our lives that we have outgrown the energies of the eclipse may expedite their removal from our lives unexpectedly.  This can be painful and at the least unsettling.

Ideally take some time this week to reflect on what holds you back and what you have outgrown and needs to be out of your life. The lunar full moon energies on Friday night are perfect for consciously releasing anything unwanted in your life. Leading up to Friday night do an honest appraisal of the aspects of your life you know are no good for you but you have not had the courage to abandon.  These are all the things that hold you back from living your life more fully.  It may be an unhealthy habit, a toxic relationship, an unsatisfying job, a deep grievance or negative thought that unsettles you.  Whatever you find, acknowledge it as no longer having a place in your life and make a commitment to yourself to release it at the height of the full moon eclipse energy Friday night before bed.

The eclipse takes place at 10.32am Saturday.   After this the energies of the new moon give you the resolve and strength to move forward.  Utilise this time on Saturday and over the next few days to clearly make plans and determine your goals and start afresh.

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