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It’s the month of love. Well commercialised love, but nevertheless there’s still a lot of attention placed on romance and I admit that despite my personal aversion to the overt display of public affection and overpriced dinners that come with Valentine’s Day, I’m still a romantic at heart and seem to get sucked in every year.


I do love a cute cuddly toy and soppy words, so coming home to a stuffed animal with a rose in its mouth and a sweet card definitely makes me smile. These cute little gestures on a day like Valentine’s Day are a great way to remind our partners just how much they mean to us.


But why do we need a special day to remind our partner’s how much we care?


Mother’s Day and Father’s Day serve a similar purpose, they remind us to tell our parents just how much we love them and how grateful we are to have them.


Again, shouldn’t we be telling them frequently, without having to be reminded by all the oversized signs and love hearts hanging from the ceiling in the grocery store?


The fact is, we could all do with reminding our loved ones how important they are more often. We are, however, all busy with a million things going on in our lives and quite frankly these overly commercialised special days do remind us to communicate to those special people in our lives just how special they are. It forces us to stop and think about our relationship with the person in question and gives us an excuse (not that we need one) to write down our sentiments in a card.


The important relationships in our lives need to be nurtured. They need to be filled with love, attention and gratitude more than once a year, but if once a year you feel the need to go overboard and shower your lover, or your mother or your father with attention and kind words, I am all for it.


Why not take the opportunity this week to spread the love all around. Send a sweet text, or make a phone call to someone in your life that deserves a little reminder that they have a special spot reserved in your heart and then make a habit of reminding these special people more regularly. It’s always nice to hear that you are loved, valued and appreciated.




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