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I absolutely love surrounding myself with like-minded people – people who are looking to better themselves and are eager to contribute to the success of others rather than detracting from it.

There’s something really powerful about a group of people with enthusiasm for life coming together. It’s here, with a positive flow of energy that great ideas flourish.

Sadly, many of you have probably met someone who seems incapable of being encouraging. You know the person who rains on your parade, kills your ‘Ta Da’ and just basically puts a dampener on things? It’s almost like your success or ambition threatens their own self-worth.

Perhaps it’s not through outright criticism or disparaging comments, instead they may question you along with a distinct lack of positive reinforcement, which can feel just as bad. Maybe it’s more that they feel the need to highlight your risks and potential downfalls than any of the above and this makes you second guess yourself or maybe just feel a little flat about your wins to date – regardless of the approach, unless it’s constructive, this is not something I like to surround myself with.

Take a look at the people around you – friends, family, colleagues, associates etc. How do they make you feel? Are you spending more time with people that make you feel the need to defend your goals, hopes, ambitions and aspirations or with people who support you?

This goes both ways – you cannot expect to surround yourself with positive, supportive people if you do not show the same encouragement to your network.

My message is about becoming the best version of you which means achieving greatness but not at the expense of other people. Being kind, open, supportive, strong, determined and positive is what will lead you to success, not pushing your agenda while treading on others to get there.




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