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Let’s be honest, none of us really like the concept of change, even when the change in question is good for us. Whether it’s a new job or career, new relationship, new house, new routine – whatever, it can be a real adjustment.

Look at the number of people that ‘settle’ because they feel ‘comfortable’ even when ‘comfortable’ is actually everything but. People stay in unhappy relationships due to ‘comfort’ or unsatisfying jobs because of ‘comfort’. This comfort comes from familiarity, not contentment. And if you are in something that does not make you feel content, that does not contribute to your happiness and does not make you excited about your life, then it is definitely time for a change.

Sure, change can be daunting. There is risk attached to jumping into something new no matter what it is. At least in your current situation you know what you are getting. But ask yourself this – is what you are getting now good enough for the rest of your life?

I come back to the old adage, which is one of my favourites – if you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. Simple. Well, simple in theory.  Yes, change is daunting but it is also necessary. It is necessary for us to grow as human beings. It’s necessary for us to reach our goals and fulfil our potential.

Jumping out of the comfort zone and into the challenge zone, a concept put to me by our incredible Goals Strategist Mardy, can make some people feel incredibly overwhelmed, frightened, intimated and a whole host of other negative emotions that none of us want to feel. But it’s not the change or the challenge that makes us feel that way. It’s our reaction to it. It’s when you resist the change that it creates conflict within.

I personally struggle with even minor changes such as changes to my schedule and my plans so you can imagine how willing I am to embrace the important ones. I realise though, that the more I resist change the bigger the internal battle and that is not going to serve me or anyone around me.

I understand that some kinds of change can be painful or a little scary. If it’s time to end a relationship, or move away from home to explore a new opportunity, then of course it will be natural to feel a mix of the aforementioned emotions. But it’s up to you whether you choose to embrace the new or let the old consume you.



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