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We are all basically little energy units and every day we interact with numerous other little energy units.  Some make us feel good; some have little effect on us whilst others really drag us down and drain us of energy. It’s just not other people that affect our energy.  Shock, trauma, power lines, lay lines, transmission lines, anaesthetics, drugs and alcohol also interfere with our energy, just to name a few. When this happens it is handy to know what we can do to protect ourselves or counteract the negative affect others and our environment have on us.

Most of us realise during or after an event that our energy field has been compromised.  When this happens and the damage is already done I can’t go past Australian Bush Flower Essences.  There are a number of essences in their range that assist in repairing or maintaining the integrity of our energy field.

For example, Fringed Violet “restores a person’s aura after it has been damaged by shock or trauma” says Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Often the affect of shock or trauma can be stored in the body for some time.  “Fringed Violet goes back to the time of the shock and neutralises it” Ian says.

Fringed Violet also helps when you are caring for others and feel you are having your energy drained.  Whilst Fringed Violet repairs the aura another essence called Angelsword has the ability to release any foreign negative energy we may have picked up when our aura has been compromised.

Angelsword can also be used when we find ourselves drained by someone close. This may be a family member or friend in crisis or an elderly loved one for example.  People who may be dear to us and are low on energy, vitality or optimism can drain us of energy.  Placing several drops of Angelsword on the feeling centre (halfway between the navel and base of the sternum) can negate this response according to Ian.

Boab is ideal for the work place or any environment where others’ thoughts and actions can cloud the atmosphere and have a negative effect on our well being.  Boab sprayed in any area where there is negativity will clear the space of unwanted negativity.

A combination of Fringed Violet, Angelsword and Boab is the best option to have on hand for any of the above instances.

Preparing ourselves before a potentially stressful encounter is far more proactive than trying to mop up the mess after the horse has bolted.  If you know you are going to be in the presence of an energy vampire and before visiting crowded areas such as shopping centres, clubs, sports games, theatres and stressful workplaces for example, set the intent that your energy field is protected, visualise yourself being surrounded by a white (or coloured) protective force.

Some visualise being draped in a purple cloak.  Ian White for example visualises himself cloaked in a purple robe every morning.  He believes it is psychically important to close off every morning.  He also places a symbol of protection over each of his chakras.  I was actually told many years ago by an extremely psychic and spiritual elderly woman, very much the same thing.  She also stressed the importance of remembering to don a purple cloak before going into any crowded or questionable area. Doreen Virtue, on the other hand surrounds herself with a tube of pink light to protect herself from toxic energy. She actually feels that white light does not work well for her because white light tends to make her feel isolated from others but pink on the other hand radiates loving energy inwards and to others.  It is such an individual thing.  Just set the intent, centre yourself and experiment with colour. If a particular colour jumps out at you and it feels good, go with it.

Certain crystals are also lauded for their ability to counteract many negative influences when they are carried or worn.  Once again choosing the right crystal is a very personal matter.  Most crystal shop owners are well versed in the effectiveness of the many and varied types of crystals and can assist with the selection process.  I often carry a crystal in my hand bag and or have one on my bedside table.  The colour and variety constantly change in keeping with my emotional and physical well being.

Keeping your energy balanced and free of external toxic interference does not have to be time consuming or expensive.   In fact, if you believe that we create our own reality then it is as easy as setting the intent and just knowing your wishes have been granted.

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