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We all have the ability to infuse our bodies with additional energy to enhance the body’s natural healing process. The laying on of hands as in Reiki is particularly effective.  No matter where your hands are placed on your body, the energy, which is channelled through your hands, is attracted to the area where it is most needed. We do not have to be Reiki attuned to benefit from hands on healing, all we need is the desire to awaken our natural ability.

Regular self treatment is calming and balancing and helps strengthen the immune system.  If you can get into the habit of treating yourself before you go to sleep, you’ll find you probably sleep better and feel more refreshed in the morning.   All you have to do is put one hand over your forehead and the other on your stomach (over the navel), and be conscious of your breath. This will help calm the mind and the emotions bringing them more into balance. Do this for as long as is comfortable or until you nod off.

Here’s a wonderful way to rejuvenate your skin using the inherent healing power we all have in our hands. (Another great idea from The Best Meditations on the Planet.)

With closed eyes press your palms together and rub them vigorously for a few moments until they grow warm.

Hold them open towards the side of your chin about 1.5cms away from your face.

Slowly move them upwards from your chin to the top of your head.  Feel the rejuvenating energy radiating from your palms onto your face.  With as much intent as possible imagine wrinkles and blemishes disappearing as you direct healing energy onto your skin.

At the top of your head, flick your hands as if you were flicking them free of water.

Repeat by rubbing your hands together until warm and repeat open hand movement from chin to top of head flicking your hands again at the top of your head.

Repeat six times or more and open your eyes.

As we have already discussed in my post on obsessive thoughts, finger pressure can also be extremely beneficial. The fingers have a number of acupressure points, which when pressed, trigger certain key brain responses which help the mind become calmer and more focused. Yogis press the thumb to various finger pads in meditation often whilst chanting to enhance their experience. Many Hypnotherapists use this technique as way of anchoring intent into the subconscious mind. We too can benefit immensely by using fingertip pressure to acupressure points on our body in our daily life.

Pressing your fingertips to the area of your solar plexus about halfway between your navel and the bottom of your breastbone (the centre of power in Chinese medicine) can help in overcoming unwanted habits and behaviours. Do this for about a minute whenever necessary. This can be very powerful when combined with a meditation/introspection focused on a habit or self limiting behaviour you wish to release. Acknowledge the negative feelings attached to your issue, see indigo light dissolving any resistance to release it and see the outcome you desire in the future. Hold the outcome you desire for as long as possible and finish the meditation with fingertip pressure to your centre of power.

This is a great one to remember if you’re struggling with New Year’s or any time resolutions.

Implementing strategies for overcoming unwanted habits, getting enough sound, restful, deep sleep, and feeling good about ourselves are positive steps we can all take toward achieving a happy, healthy and rewarding life.

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