By Mardy Penrose
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Fear, doubt and procrastination are all the leaders in dream stealing!

What is it within us that causes us to become so much more attached to our fears and doubts, than our hopes and desires?

We often find ourselves in a position where we start to commit to a goal and the minute we do, who pops up to visit us but those noisy neighbours called Fear and Doubt which ultimately lead to procrastination or complete avoidance.

Maybe we have a goal to reclaim our health and we write down our plan for a healthier lifestyle, with exercise and great eating habits. We go really well for the first 5 days, then what? The monkey chatter begins. Fear and doubt start whispering in our ear, giving us a myriad of reasons and excuses as to why it can’t work. I know this only too well myself, believe me. So what do we do? We start attaching ourselves to these neighbours and we excuse ourselves by settling for “oh well, I’ll start next Monday it’s clearly not working for me right now; I don’t feel like exercising so I’ll just do it later; the eating program wasn’t working anyway so I’ll just go and have a buger and try again later”. The neighbours win again and we bought in to their story.

So what can we do to change the story?

It’s about choosing our thoughts a whole lot more carefully. In any goal at all it’s about identifying the goal and strongly committing it. It’s about a proper well thought through course you charter that actually acknowledges that there will be challenges along the way with Hurdles to jump sometimes and neighbours to quieten. It’s about breaking that fear down. It’s about creating a strong belief in yourself and your goal. It’s about being more attached to your dreams than your fears. It’s having a back up plan and breaking through our own self created barriers.

So where do you start?

Clearly identify your goal, write it down, create a plan and action it with discipline and focus. Give it a soft timeline. Look at exactly what you are buying into here and identify your reward for achieving the goal.

Now set about doing it!

Just start! What do you have to lose if you do? But more importantly, what do you have to lose if you don’t?



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