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There is no denying colour affects our senses and emotion.

Certain colours boost our energy whilst others have a calming effect. Red for example is considered to be very stimulating (like a red rag to a bull) and is used in many restaurants to stimulate appetite.

Obviously red is not a good colour to decorate your dining area with if you are trying to diet or have digestive problems.  In fact red is not the best colour to wear if you are feeling agitated as it will increase the wearer’s agitation and make them more prone to aggression.

It’s not all bad news for those of you who love red. Red is great for athletes because it helps release adrenaline into the blood stream according to Betty Shine, author of The Little Book of Cosmic Colour fame. Betty also says a dash of red can be quite empowering when we need a confidence booster. Red is also widely known in colour healing circles to benefit circulatory problems, anaemia, rheumatism, and fear because red stimulates the mental and physical energy centres. Red is therefore far too stimulating to be used in the bedroom for most people who want to a good night’s sleep.


red dress


Blue is the ideal colour to decorate the bedroom with (and wear) if you suffer from insomnia, nervousness and or depression. Green is also a good option because of its soothing effect on the nervous system, frustration and anger. Surround yourself with the softer calming colours instead of the bright and stimulating hues if you want to induce relaxation. Think the traditional baby nursery.  Betty does suggest though using a touch of orange in the bedroom if you want to spice things up and become a little more imaginative. Orange is known to remove energy blockages and induce vitality but I would not recommend it if you are suffering from insomnia.

So, if it is just a great night’s sleep you after gravitate to the blues, greens, soft violets and pinks. You can even put a pink light bulb into your bedside light and lamp where you watch television. Pink light is considered to be particularly calming before bed whereas yellow can be overstimulating at bed time for those with busy minds.

Wearing the colours that enhance us and bring the best out in us can be quite uplifting and therapeutic.  I personally know a number of ladies who have had their colours done by a colour therapist, bought clothes and accessories in their palette and been amazed at how good everyone tells them they look.  Their confidence has soared. They haven’t had to throw out their existing wardrobe either because they are taught how to cleverly accessorise their existing wardrobe especially with scarves and costume jewellery.

If you have a palette you adhere to but feel the need to balance your energy with a colour that is not in your palette, put that colour underneath.  If you wear a uniform for example you can still wear whatever you want underneath it.  I love black and wear it a lot but it is always accessorised and I always have an appropriate colour underneath to counteract the heavy vibration.  Having a draw full of colourful undies is a great way to introduce colour when our energy and emotions need a little help.

Completely confused and not sure what to wear tomorrow?  Betty says wearing green (serene and calm) in any shade with a touch of yellow (keeps you on the ball mentally) and a dash of purple (optimistic and positive) will balance your whole system. Add that dash of red (underneath I would suggest with this outfit) for a sense of personal power and confidence. How could you not be a winner?



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